Postal comes from the word post and with it is composed the suffix -al which means relative to, and is a term that denotes the relationship with mail service that is generally associated with the notion of cards that is a rectangular piece of cardboard or paper thick that usually puts a decoration on one side and on the other a space to write.

When they send a postcard, it is an economic service for the action and result of a traditional letter. Generally, regarding the decoration of the postcards, they place a photograph of the place where it was purchased, for this reason the resource is used to maintain communication during trip or to take a souvenir of the city they visit.

The period or the era of the internet has turned cardboard or paper postcards into objects of a set of things and little used today.

The digital postcards that are sent through email that allow the inclusion of allocation of movements which have replaced, among the sales of digital postcards, is the immediacy and low cost at no cost.

The disappearance of letters and postcards, to be replaced by their digital alternatives, and it is far from representing a certain change, because many years ago the sending of a handwritten note, with imperfections, with tears, kisses, drawings , doodles and all kinds of personal adornments that kept a bond alive in a spontaneous way, but less daily.