The word Possession comes from the Latin possessĭo, which means the act of possessing certain things, whether material or incorporeal. Because it is an act, it comes from the verb, Possess, referring to owning property or having something. Example of this: “That blue car is my possession” “The criminals took all his possessions from that man” Possession also implies the responsibility to keep that object safe in order to create a real sense of ownership over that body in question . The concept of possession is very important for the creation of organizations and societies in which the personal properties of the members must be taken care of through legal documents.

In order to be able to speak of possession, its two essential elements must be present, that is, the thing (the corpus), the object to possess and the behavior that the owner feels of possessing that object (the animus rem sibi habendi), in legal terms this The relationship must be proven and certified by a legal document validated by a governing body.

A possession is the adjective that is given to an object when it is bought, acquired or for some reason this object is recognizable as the property of a person. even, for the religious, the word possession is used when external spiritual forces take over the soul of a person, usually they are evil forces, but we speak of possession of the soul by God when a person accepts the holy spirit in his heart, but one possessed by an evil demon exhibits behaviors that damage his body and modify his behavior.