This is a term derived from the Greek “Cop” which means many and “dipsia” What does Thirst mean? Polydipsia refers to the excessive desire to drink liquids, especially water. It must be made clear that polydipsia is not a disease, but the cause or symptom that something could be affecting our body, so it is recommended that blood and urine tests be applied to the patient. Drinking so much water can cause an imbalance in the body’s electrolytes and the amount of sodium in the blood.

By ingesting so many liquids, the person will have a strong desire to go to the bathroom to urinate, this increase in the desire to urinate is what doctors call polyuria, polydipsia and polyuria are going to be related since it is logical that if you drink so much liquid you will have to go to the bathroom several times. When polydipsia is a consequence of having diabetes, it is called polydipsia diabetes. Polydipsia can present in two ways: psychogenic or psychological polydipsia and primary polydipsia. When it comes to psychogenic polydipsia, it is referring to mental disorders, in this case it would be called schizophrenic polydipsia, primary polydipsia occurs when dry mouth occurs.

Polydipsia can be caused by several factors, among which we can mention: eating foods with excess salt or very spicy, suffering from diabetes, taking medications such as diuretics, suffering from some type of mental disorder, etc. Finally, it is recommended that the person seek medical help, who can give him a diagnosis and thus be able to start a treatment that will serve to improve his health and therefore his quality of life.