The poinsettia is the name given to a flower that has become very popular at Christmas parties, its scientific name is euphorbia pulcherrima, a term that when translated means the most beautiful. In many regions worldwide, decorations are usually made with these flowers during the holidays, creating a climate of joy and festivity, the fact that this flower is used at this time is due to the fact of its physical characteristics, for example the color red , which is undoubtedly related to Christmas despite the fact that there are several shades but in a minority percentage.

The poinsettia flower is native to the regions of Central America and Mexico, it is believed that in ancient times the Mexica tribe used it in rituals and was represented as a symbol of new life and integrity of the deceased warriors, since that the color of the flower symbolized the blood of the fallen. It should be noted that the term by which the Mexicas knew the Christmas flower was cuetlaxóchitl, which means withered flower or leather flower.

After the arrival of the Spanish Empire in the region, the use of the Christmas flower became somewhat decorative, especially in the celebration of Christmas thanks to its intense red color. By the 19th century, it began to spread to other regions of the world thanks to the Mexican ambassador JR Poinsett, which is why in many places it is known as poinsettia.

In nature, it usually grows in areas adjacent to rivers, streams, lakes, as well as in open and steep spaces, especially in the western regions of Mexico. This plant is characterized by responding to the photoperiod, this is due to the fact that relatively short days and more extended nights are necessary so that the tonality of the leaves can be promoted. It is also necessary that there is good light so that the leaves that already have color do not lose their color or fall. With regard to temperature, it is very susceptible to low temperatures, as well as those that are too high.