Poetry deals with a literary genre appreciated as an expression of beauty or artistic feeling through the word in the form of verse or prose. The central themes of this literary genre have changed over time. In ancient times, these works were aimed at recounting the exploits and prowess of warriors in combat. While in the Middle Ages, romantic works became more relevant. At present, the romantic work is still on the table, however other inspirational themes have emerged, such as human rights and the environment.

what is poetry

This term comes from the Greek poiesis, whose meaning refers to a creation, composition, action or adoption. The poem comes from the Greek poieo, whose meaning is related to making, doing or obtaining. In conclusion, the term is a literary genre that is considered as a manifestation of both feeling and beauty, that is done through prose, verse or words.

The term is an art present in the domain of the language of human beings, expressing its artistic qualities, the place where it is inspired is part of its somatic and emotional content. It can be expressed in a compressed way to convey ideas or emotions to the reader or listener.

Poetry - What is poetry

Poems have many benefits, in fact, poetry for children encourages them to read, concentrate and creates an interest in literature. For these reasons, short poems are ideal to draw their attention and in this way children can memorize them, becoming an ideal exercise for the brain of children.

Another resource to introduce children to the world of literature is using works with rhyme, easy to memorize, allowing children to move to the great world of imagination. For centuries poetry for mom has been a source of inspiration for many poets, in fact, there are countless literary works inspired by love for the being that gave them life. Every year Mother’s Day is celebrated and in many cities they commemorate this day by organizing readings of some verses dedicated to this special being.

Many believe that this literary work is the best way to convey the feelings of love, esteem, pride and admiration. This literary genre is an artistic expression expressed with words. Through it, the author can write a poem to the teacher and subtly honor that being so important in the formation of the person since childhood.

history of poetry

Records indicate that this type of literary works originated in Greece in the 7th century BC. There is evidence that these works appeared in some Egyptian hieroglyphs dating back to 25 centuries BC According to historians, they were religious songs and work.

Another proof of these works is the poem of Gilgamesh, written by the Sumerians with letters or cuneiform characters on clay tablets that date back to 2,000,000 years BC. There are also the songs of the Iliad and the Odyssey, which date back to 8 centuries BC and, moreover, were attributed to Homer.

The sacred books of Hinduism considered as Veda, have lyrics and chants in literary forms written around the third century BC It is thanks to all these tests that scientists allege that each people created its own hymn, song or writing and transmitted it through the orality. Many of these were accompanied to invoke deities or simply to work.

According to the Greeks, these literary works had the ability to be divided into three types, that is, the song, also considered as lyrical, the dramatic known as theatrical, and finally, the narrative.

Poetry-type literary works were quite common in music, but little by little it also made its way into narrative. Of course, baroque poetry is not left aside, which is found in multiple poetry books, as is the case with modern poetry.

types of poetry

It had already been mentioned before that this term is a literary genre, but if there is something that should be highlighted, it is that it has different presentations, that is, multiple types that can be used in different ways. In this section, each one of them will be explained.

dramatic poetry

It is one that develops through dialogues, based on stories full of events in the lives of the characters. When a story is dedicated to a solemn event and includes a tragic ending, the work is associated with tragedy; now, if the plot of the play is lighter and its ending is happy, it would be associated with comedy.

free verse poetry

It is a poetic manifestation, characterized by the intentional departure from rhyme and meter patterns. Similar to poetic prose, and to the prose poem; the free verses have the property of maintaining the traditional typographic location of the verses. Being its exponents: Walt Whitman, Gustavo Kahn and Jules Laforgue.

Lyric poetry

It is a poetic style that expresses feelings through the word, whether written or oral. Basically it expresses deep feelings or great reflections as a sign of subjectivity. The lyrical poet presents his perception of reality, leaving objectivity aside. This type of work is generally associated with love themes, however it is not limited only to their expression, but includes any kind of emotional manifestation.

epic poetry

Poetry - Poem of Mio Cid

It is the one that narrates the exploits of some heroes, related to a legendary past, whose glorious behavior makes them a model of virtue (value, nobility, fidelity, etc.). At first, this kind of work was narrated sung by professionals and with musical accompaniment. It is an objective work since the poet acts as a simple narrator of events unrelated to him. Among the most famous works of epic poetry are: the Iliad, the Odyssey and the poem of the Cid.

idyllic poetry

It is a short and simple composition that does not have dialogue, this kind of work is based on love themes, expressing the life of the countryside and the sensuality of the environment. Being romantic and erotic themes, they have a melodious musicality, which accentuates the desire and sensual imagination that derive from mythical themes.

acrostic poetry

It is an easy poetic composition whose structure is focused on the initial, middle or final letters of each verse or sentence, which read vertically form a word.

poetry elegy

It is a poetic composition of a formal nature, belonging to the lyrical genre focused on the expressions of regrets and on everything that represents pain, either due to lost love or the loss of loved ones due to death.

madrigal poetry

It is a short and very intense lyrical composition, related to love themes and that uses a free combination of hendecasyllabic and seven-syllabled verses. It was very popular during the Renaissance.

Difference Between Poetry and Poem

Poetry is considered a literary genre that expresses beauty in its writing, worships aesthetics, and verse or prose are its vehicle for ordering words. The poem is a literary work of poetry, expressed in the form of a poetic composition, it is written in verses and resources are used that help in its composition such as metrics, rhyme and rhythm.

Literary works of love have always been the greatest source of inspiration for many poets, writers and writers. It seeks to tell in a unique way the feelings, images and emotions that are felt when translating them into a work.

examples of poetry

Although there are multiple examples of these works in poetry books, the first to cite will be the long poems, beginning with the work “I can write the saddest verses of the night”, by Pablo Neruda.

“I can write the saddest verses of the night. Write for example: “The night is starry and the stars shiver, blue, in the distance.” The night wind turns in the sky and sings. I can write the saddest verses of the night. I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too. On nights like these I held her in my arms. I kissed her so many times under the infinite sky. She loved me, sometimes I also loved her. How could he not have loved her big staring eyes. I can write the saddest verses of the night. To think that I don’t have it, to feel that I have lost it. Hear the immense night, more immense than her.

And the verse falls to the soul like dew to grass. What does it matter that my love does not want to keep it. The most starry night and she is not with me. That’s it. In the distance someone sings. In the distance. My soul is not content with having lost it. As if to bring her closer, my gaze searches for her. My heart looks for her, and she is not with me. The same night that she whitewashes the same trees. We, the ones then, are not the same. I don’t love her anymore, it’s true, but maybe I love her. Love is so short, and oblivion so long.

Because on nights like this I held her in my arms, my soul is not content with having lost her. Although it is the last pain that she causes me, and these are the last verses that I write for her”.

Poetry - Poetry books

There are also short poems, among them, Here, by Octavio Paz. “My steps on this street. they resound in another street, where I hear my footsteps pass in this street, where only the fog is real”.

In the case of erotic poetry, there is Temptation. “Take my hand for a moment, it will be the best thing you have ever lived. It will be more than just a memory, it will be your forbidden wishes. Take your love and your hate, your violence, your vigor. Take your body and your soul and make them satisfy. Well, there is no love here! You only live from passion, from the moment. There is no light here! You just need to feel and surrender. Take your modesty and your abstinence, your innocence, your virginity. Take your God and the rules of it Abandon them and leave them behind!

There are also the beautiful poems, like the one on Amorous Prayers. “I weave your silver locks between my dark curls while in the surroundings the stories are silent. I have to love you in my poems and you will remember me on the platform created for you by my universe. And you will love my prophetic soul and you will harass my verses as loving prayers.

Lastly, poetry to Benito Juárez, like that of Pastorcito Presidente. “In a distant house of mud and straw, the boy Benito was born one morning. Dressed in a blanket and woolen garb, he dreamed looking at the enchanted water. He played his flute, his flute played and the little sheep bleated, bleated. And that little Indian, calming his anxiety, bravely leaves for Oaxaca. And he was licensed, he became President. Long live the great Juarez! May the laws of him live!”

Frequently Asked Questions about Poetry

What is called poetry?

It is called in this way to all those sets of literary type compositions that are written in prose or verse.

What is poetry for?

Actually this genre has various functions, including expressing feelings, emotions, thoughts and even reflections through prose or verse and each message or feeling is expressed differently according to the type of poetry.

Where does poetry originate?

It is said that this genre was born in Greece around the 7th century BC.

What are the types of poetry?

Actually there are different types of these works, among them, there is the dramatic work, in free verse, lyrical, epic, idyllic, acrostic, elegy and madrigal.

What is the difference between a poem and a poetry?

Poems are literary works that are born from poetry, however, the latter is a literary genre that expresses beauty and feelings.