The term refers to the completely absurd fear of obese people or the fact of gaining weight. The word, originally called “fat phobia” (obesophobia), was coined by doctors B. E Robinson and J. O’Reilly in a study conducted in Minnesota, United States, due to the discontent of the citizens of that locality with respect to fat people.

Specifically, individuals suffering from Pocrescofobia begin with the desire to lose weight, which progresses to become a kind of addiction that becomes more and more attached to the patient. Even so, the anxiety that comes into play due to the desire to lose weight quickly and compulsively, subjects the subject to a pressure that they could not bear, so they would gain weight. However, weight gain is a huge disappointment and unbelievable failure for the pocrescophobic, and in some cases, depression can set in.

This phobia, according to scientists in charge of its investigation, can lead to the phobia of gaining weight (weight phobia), a term devised by Arthur H. Chrisp, referring exclusively to people suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, a disorder of neurotic origin that It mainly affects young people, and is characterized by the continuous refusal of food, accompanied by provoked vomiting and extreme weight loss.

Also, there is the type of pocrescophobes who are afraid of people who have exuberant fat. Normally they feel disgusted or, strangely, they fear that clearly obese subjects will cause some damage to them. In this stage of the phobia, mainly nervous anorexics occur, in addition to the imposition of society to maintain “a healthy body and a healthy life”Although this is vital for health, it imposes a certain intimidation on the individual that leads him to indiscriminately fear weight gain.

For the correct diagnosis of this phobia, it is necessary for the patient, presumably pocrescophobic, to meet with a psychology professional. In what corresponds to the treatment, the subject will undergo desensitization practices, that is, they will be put in contact with the component fears of the phobia, they will also carry out practices of gradual exposure to a situation in which it is required to face with his fear.