In the field of architecture and construction in general, the lower part of some work in progress is known as a plinth and is used to be able to raise the bases to a similar level, which is usually done because on many occasions It is possible that the land where this type of construction is carried out has unevenness and what the plinth does is raise the area that is lower in order to balance the ground level. The word socket originates from the Latin “soccus”. It should be noted that in addition to the previous meaning, the term baseboard can also be used as a synonym for skirting board, the latter being a line that is installed on the walls in the lower part to protect them from blows.

As can be seen, the term can have several uses, most of them always related to the construction area. Among the main uses, the protection of the walls stands out, this consists of a thin line that is placed in the lower part of the wall, that is, the area that is in contact with the ground, it can be made of very diverse materials However, the most frequent are wood and ceramics, generally it is given the same color as the floor in order to be able to adequately combine the tones of the place where it is installed.

On the other hand, the so-called radiant baseboards also stand out, these are characterized by serving as a kind of heating, since they serve as a type of thermal coating, which allows the walls to moisten.

In the field of geology, these concepts are also used, but in this case to name plateaus or flat regions, which originated during the Paleozoic, due to the erosion that hit the mountain ranges during orogenesis. These areas are generally made up of siliceous-type rocks that are very hard. In the same way, in this same branch, this term is given to that continental platform that forms under the ocean and that represents the continuation of a continent.