The word plan that means altitude or level that comes from the Latin ”Planus” and can be translated as ”plane”. A plan is a series or steps or procedures that seek to achieve an object or purpose of directing it in a direction, the process to design a plan is known as planning or planning.

Planning is what requires complex mental operations such as the application of scenarios and how to react to them, but it is also what is responsible for clearly defining the objectives and the actions that must be taken to achieve them.

The plans require the preparation and determination of steps that builds a fundamental part of intelligent behavior that has the ability to plan, but it is also one of the so-called functions of the brain and a relationship has even been found between the difficulty in making plans and the damage to each of the front parts.

Planning is a fundamental step used by companies, whether small or large, that helps them create plans for future growth, it is a common and even recommended practice.

In companies, the most common plans are business plans and marketing plans that allow them to give a solid foundation to the business model, to growth and long-term objectives, although it is always recommended to have one regardless of the size of the company. .

Blueprints are very useful for companies that are just starting out because they make it easier for them to take their first steps and allow them to search for potential investors.