Pine tree

It is a genus of vascular-type trees, which are called pines, they belong to the group of conifers and in turn belong to the family of piaceae, it has both female and male flowers, which are located in different branches, they are characterized by having an upright and straight trunk, which can reach great height, its leaves are quite thin and pointed, the fruit of the pines is called pineapple while the seed is called pinion.

The upper tip of the pines can have both a rounded shape and a pyramid shape, the large specimens usually have a fairly wide crown compared to the small ones. Pines are generally found in mountainous areas forming small forests, they can occur on almost all types of soil, even those where there are not a large number of nutrients, in mountainous areas specifically on the cliffs, the roots of these trees they usually cling to the rocks thus avoiding falling off the cliffs, which is a sign of survival of the pine, for this reason there are those who use the pine as a symbol that represents the vital force and immortality.

In Western culture it is very common to be used in Christmas celebrations as a representation of Christmas trees, for this reason it is adorned with different ornaments, some of the most common are backstage, lights, stars, among others.

On the other hand, its wood can be used as raw material to make handcrafted wooden products, in carpentry its wood is one of the favorites by sculptors, this is because it has great resistance and ability to endure the effects of time. In addition to this, a favorable point is its value since, as it is an abundant tree in nature and easy to plant, the value of its wood is not so high when compared to others.

In the medicinal field, a large number of beneficial properties for health are attributed to it, since experts in natural medicine affirm that it has the capacity to reduce the effects of spasms in the bronchi, in addition to this it has great capacities to attack the infections in the body.