Physiognomy is the detailed study of physical appearance and can generally apply a person’s face trait, external appearance, and face that determines the character or gesture of an individual. External appearance of things or elements.

Particular aspect of the face of a person that characterizes him, a determining feature of his physiognomy were the whiskers; a man whose appearance was not totally strange to me, then advanced from the darkness.

External and characteristic appearance that shows or is given to a thing, for example, the city underwent many of the transformations that have given it its current appearance; surrounded by hills and cereal fields, a light, bluish mist outlines its contours and softens the appearance of the landscape.

When someone wants to hide their identity, they usually hide their appearance. This is what thieves want when they wear masks and hoods: by not showing their appearance, they seek impunity when committing the crime.

Humans communicate with words, with gestures and with our face, since facial features and expression convey information about who we are. In fact, there are specialists in this field who argue that it is possible to describe someone’s personality based on their facial characteristics. In this sense, broad faces indicate a capacity for sacrifice, a smile is related to hormonal levels, asymmetric faces indicate a level of depression, and large eyes are associated with kindness.

Those who know the language of the face affirm that there are many aspects that speak of oneself: the tone of the skin, the direction of the eyebrows, the look, the nose, the lips or the mouth. Therefore, the thin lips indicate self-control, the upturned nose expresses vanity and the bushy eyebrows are typical of vital and impulsive people.

It should be noted that the idea of ​​physiognomy is also used to refer to the appearance of things in general: “Thanks to the sanitation work that was carried out, the river already has another physiognomy”, “The government wants to renew the physiognomy of the river. Legislative Palace and for that it will carry out restoration and remodeling tasks «,» The traditional restaurant modified its appearance to modernize itself «.