Photophobia is described as ocular sensitivity generated by exposure to a beam of light, of any kind, be it sunlight, electric light in homes or even public lighting, presenting the patient with general malaise and intense headache (headache). ); The identification of photophobia is simple, a rejection by the patient of everything that is a light source is immediately observed, this pathology is frequently observed in patients with albinism, however, this can be a symptom to some pathology of ocular origin or at the level of the nervous system.

This can be a nuisance impossible to minimize or treat in cases of glaucoma, migraine syndrome, cluster headache, keratitis, and in traumatic corneal injuries, this is because the retina is located in the inner part of the eyeball, this is in charge of capturing the image abroad. There is no exclusive treatment for photophobia, this symptom will cease after treating the cause that promotes the aforementioned discomfort; there are people who are prone to light beams, in most cases they are those individuals who have a clear eye color, we can also mention patients who have cataracts due to low levels of pigmentation. Some of the pathologies that have photophobia as a symptom are: chikungunya, meningitis, subarachnoid cerebral hemorrhage, encephalitis, conjunctivitis, cystinosis, among others; In turn, photophobia is also caused by the consumption of drugs such as amphetamines, atropine, scopolamine, phenylephrine, and in the same way it can be caused by the consumption of drugs such as cocaine.

The main symptom of photophobia is eye pain in front of the light source, the greater the irradiated light, the greater the pain or discomfort produced at the eye level, these pains can vary between mild, moderate or intense, as just mentioned Depending on the power of the light, whether natural or artificial, in closed or open spaces, it can generate a burning sensation or hives (itching), excess tearing. The main recommendation for patients with photophobia is the use of dark glasses.