In ancient times, the Phoenicians were one of the most powerful peoples in naval and commercial terms. However, they did not manage to develop a great empire or a central level, as far as political power is concerned, they did achieve it thanks to their economy, the great management of water and the commercial techniques used by this people. For the aforementioned, it is that knowing the Phoenicians is of great importance to better visualize the achievements of Humanity.

Today the area in which the Phoenicians were located is an area of ​​great conflicts and with many networks of power, previously, the region known as the Syrian-Palestinian Corridor was the center of most of the commercial activities that were carried out. out in the Mediterranean. On the other hand, the eastern coasts of that sea, in which the countries of Israel, Lebanon, Syria, etc. currently occupy, were the intermediate contact between the peoples of the East and the Western peoples.

On the other hand, as for the Phoenician cities, they were located to a greater extent in the coastal areas of that corridor. Among the main ones we can mention Biblos, considered the most important and powerful compared to the rest, Tire, Sidon, Acre, Arvad, Tripoli, Beritos, etc. In all these territories, the main economic activity, on which its power was based, was the trade of products of various types and value.

It is important to note that the Phoenicians have not become as well known as other peoples due to the fact that their legacy is closely related to their history. In general terms, these towns always stayed in city-states that were independent of each other. What made coexistence between them much easier, however, it is important to note that Tire and Byblos were the most powerful of all, but at no time did any of them pretend to conquer the rest.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that the Phoenicians never formed a vast and very rich empire, as did the Assyrians, Akkadians, Romans or Persians. Which means that their cultural and identity richness was lost over the centuries since they could not be the hegemonic civilization during their time.