The word phishing comes from the English word “fishing”, phishing or identity theft is a computer system that is committed through the use of a type of social engineering characterized by trying to obtain illegally reserved information, it can be a password, information credit cards or bank information.

On the other hand, the cybercriminal is known as a phisher, who is in charge of impersonating a trusted person or company in an official electronic conversation, it can be through an instant messaging system, a phone call or an email which is a bogus mechanism that can occur in a company where customers can be misled. The messages can have links that point to different types of web pages that argue in all or part of the aspects and functionalities of the company.

That is why in this way the user believes that he is in a trusted site, where he enters the requested information in the hands of the scammer. But there is a wide set of software and application ideas that can be classified within the category of the theft of personal or financial information and some can be complex, giving the number of the report of the facts, events or events that are related to the Phishing where additional protection methods are needed, but attempts have been made with the laws sanctioning the practice and campaigns to elude the beneficiaries by applying technical measures to the programs.