Phenomenology is a Philosophical Science that studies everything related to the events that surround an object, its relationship with the environment in which the events take place and how the thing influences the phenomenon. Its etymological description tells us that Phenomenon comes from a Latin meaning “Appearance” and from “Study” for “Logos – Lodge”. So phenomenology is a science that studies the behavior of the environment of a fact, product, event or service. It could be said that this philosophical branch of study goes beyond the functions of this in the Syrian in which it is found.

Phenomenology as a method of study is a method, in which elements that are generally not related to the fact or object are not discarded or are not taken into account from the beginning because they are considered erroneous. These studies have a deductive character that starts from the relationship of the entire environment, the good, the bad, the correct and the incorrect.

Starting from the simple idea that Phenomenology is a “Study of Phenomena” we can have the clear meaning that the maximum possible knowledge of all the fundamental and non-essential aspects of a process, of a phenomenon, is sought in the method. Studies in which the origin of a material or a scientific process is verified generally seek to establish what effect the object has, what properties it possesses and what use it can be given.