Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry is the branch of this field of study that can be called therapeutic since it includes the analysis, study, search and tuning of organic and inorganic compounds to be used in medicine. Pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the most direct applications in society, since its impact on this is so important that it represents one of the first variants that are analyzed when finding a new element or component in natural ones, Basically it is asking if the new thing that is being obtained or synthesized serves as a treatment for some disease.

The pioneers in medicinal chemistry as it is also known have been Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart, founders of Pfizer Inc., they have sought cure and relief for various ills throughout the world, today their laboratories are the largest in the world. Without neglecting the other pharmaceutical companies, but thanks to the methods of these two scientists, many elements were synthesized, such as iodine and camphor. The evils and infections that have attacked humanity over time made a group of scholars dedicate themselves to looking for more cures than extermination and time, before the effects that many plants had on disease, made the decision to synthesize these in pills and remedies available to everyone. Pharmaceutical chemistry has been very social since its inception, always in search of the solution to many ills.

Pharmaceutical chemistry works in the form of patterns, establishing a methodological framework according to each disease that exists in the world, from all the genetic information that is had of the virus or strain, a mirror effect will be obtained with the molecule that is synthesize to eradicate it, the pharmaceutical industry uses the diseases themselves to find a cure, through vaccines. Also, the human organism comprises a sinuous field of study, since the effects that these have on people will not always be the same, since everyone has a different metabolism so the response will be different in each person, it is the task of chemistry. pharmaceutical create generic drugs, able to adapt to each metabolism.