Personification is a characterization, made for artistic purposes, in which human characteristics are added to objects or animals. It is therefore one of the main branches of science fiction in which the attribution of gestures, languages ​​or aptitudes suppose the creation of a fantastic adventure before the eyes of the spectator. The personification process requires a detailed study, in which gestures and forms that are common to humans are taken into account and are adapted to beings (sometimes inanimate) so that they fulfill the function that was proposed to them.

Personification, as the same etymology indicates, means adding qualities of people to what is not. Let’s see the following example: THE mythical story of Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland” is a charming story in which the adventures and journeys of Alice are narrated, a beautiful girl who, in the middle of a fantastic dream, falls through down a rabbit hole in a tree into a mysterious and colorful world, where strange creatures await you to face various dangers. The characters of this world are generally the product of many personifications: A teapot and its set of cups with a face that speaks and emits funny sounds, a cat that has supernatural powers and in addition to these, speaks, smiles and as a purpose in his life is to get a hat that adorns his head as people did in the past and we can not leave out the rabbit and the queen with an army of soldiers who were nothing more than poker cards.

All these characters would never exist in real life, since in a magical tale like this everything is possible, that is what personification is all about. He is a worthy representative of creativity in the literary genre and in addition to that, he was one of the first to jump to other media and spread throughout the world among cultures. Religion and the different ethnic manifestations of societies also create legends and myths in which they personify characters with the ideas and purposes inherited from the ancestors.