personal identity

Personal identity is the individual perception that a person has about himself; It is the consciousness of existence. They are a series of data that are acquired throughout life, capable of shaping the pattern of behavior and personality. Its development begins when the child, already aware of the presence of others as well as his own in the world, processes step by step the role he represents for society.

In much of the globe, it is considered that infants should remain in an environment free of immoral acts or important shortcomings, since this would prevent the development of a citizen capable of harming others and himself. How an individual looks from an intimate perspective is perhaps one of the most important elements in personality. It is a very important social integration skill, since, without its presence, a human being would not identify with certain tastes or behaviors, small details that define whether he manages to join a group. The ideologies observed from childhood, together with the environment, collaborate to consolidate the vision with which the world will be appreciated.

In addition to the personal approach, belonging to a community and agreeing with the ideas it professes can suggest a strong influence on identity. Nationality, language, social tribe or traditions considerably affect behavior, due to the continuous transmission of how one belongs to them. Likewise, name and age help form a sense of individuality.