Personal Administration

Personal Administration is a set of rules, norms and conditions that a person imposes on himself, in order to control that series of variables and considerations that he has with respect to society. When we hear this terminology, the first thing that comes to mind is a personal organization in the economic sphere, because we relate it to the Public Administration, which between procedures and papers, is the one that manages the money generated from income and product generated and controlled by private and public companies. However, the term Personal Administration can cover as many topics a person considers pertinent.

The organization of money is very important, a good performance of our economic activity depends on this. If we elaborate a financial plan that establishes parameters for us to guarantee savings and combat inflation, we will have an optimal economic and personal administration, destined to solve unforeseen health problems or to buy cars, houses, shares in a club, whatever . If you are a person who does not have millions to your credit, it is best to develop a personal self-credit strategy.

A diet can be considered as a personal management plan, why? This is a guideline that you are setting for your health, not someone else’s. In this case, the diets have an objective in which health is combined with personal well-being, the lack of stability in this type of administration can cause diseases and retrograde results.