Periclean government

Pericles was an influential politician and orator of Athenian origin, he belonged to the aristocratic family of the Alcmaeonids, he was an important military man in Greece. He is an excellent leader, an honest and virtuous man. His government was based on democracy, emphasizing equality in justice and entry to public office, for those who had, without excluding the poor.

The private life of citizens was respected and which they could exercise with total freedom. They could conduct themselves publicly, of course, always respecting the laws and the authorities. He extolled his own military system and the relationship of Athens with foreigners was one of total hospitality. She always showed a special taste for beauty without neglecting the simple things in life.

During his government, the magistrates were provided with a salary, so that in this way, all citizens (including the poor) could play politics. In his mandate, the division of social classes prevailed.

During this time, the city of Athens became the epicenter of philosophical studies, something that pleased Pericles since he also practiced it. Acropolis temples were restored. The theater also flourished under the rule of Pericles.

Regarding its foreign policy, the government of Athens was also the leader of the “Delical League”, which was created to defend itself against the constant threats of the Persians and also to be able to recover the Asian cities and islands, which were conquered by the Persians. army of the great king Pericles participated in all the internal politics of these territories. However, democracy was not established in them as was the case with Athens.

Pericles will always be remembered because he was the one who led Athens to prestige and renown both in the educational and military context.