The term receives a particular meaning according to each religious belief that the person possesses, because each religion has given it its own meaning and the symbolism it represents. However, all the religions that celebrate it have several points in common and that is that Pentecost means a party, a celebration that takes place on the fiftieth day, following Easter.

Another point in common between the religions is found in the figure that stars or symbolizes the celebration: the Holy Spirit (third person of the Holy Trinity).

Thus, for the Catholic Church, Pentecost is the feast that takes place the day after the Easter resurrection of Jesus Christ, who at the Last Supper promised his apostles that the Holy Spirit would come to earth.

For this reason, this day celebrates the coming into the world of the Holy Spirit, an event that was described in the Bible, as that moment in which all the disciples were gathered with Mary in one place and suddenly a gust of wind came from heaven and A “tongues” of fire was lit over the heads of those present, who began to speak in other languages. This means that the Holy Spirit gave them the right to express themselves, to stop hiding and share their knowledge about God with mortals, representing the birth of the church.

In this way, the Catholic Church grants the role of guide of it and of all those who have been baptized, to the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost is the third most important event of the year for Catholics, after the birth of Jesus (Christmas) and Easter.

On the other hand are the Jews, who at the beginning knew Pentecost as the “feast of the seven weeks”, in which they thanked God for the fruits obtained from the harvest. Later, the meaning changed and Pentecost began to represent the day the Law (commandments) was given to Moses on Mount Sinai (Israel), which occurs fifty days after the exodus from Egypt. For Jews, this day is also known as Shavuot.

Also, the Orthodox churches celebrate Pentecost, joining the celebration with the “feast of the Holy Trinity or the Three Divine Persons”, who are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost is a holiday that does not have a specific day in the calendar, for any of the religions, since it is celebrated depending on the liturgical year that is running.