Pedophobia is defined as an abnormal and unjustified fear of children. This term comes from the Greek “paidos” (child) and “phobos” (fear). Those who suffer from pedophobia suffer from episodes of anxiety even when they realize that the fear of children or babies is unfounded. Therefore, raising children or having them around can cause discomfort.

It is a problem that, although it has been little studied and has hardly ever been treated, is the cause of innumerable social conflicts, generally related to family problems, within the school or in the neighborhood. Many children are victims each year of the most horrible murders, beatings and cruelties (Mysopedia). Such crimes tend to be aggravated by trivial reasons, because the causes used by the aggressors would be that the victim was making noise or expressing her natural agitation.

Suffering from the disorder of having paedophobia can also be a problem when doing a particular profession, for example, people who have this disorder find it difficult to work as teachers and teach. The emotional discomfort you experience is so noticeable that you may also have unpleasant sensations as the emotions become somatized. Pedophobia is a social fear that precisely alters the subject’s ability to relate to her environment.

Social service, human rights, and social justice organizations have addressed the fear of children for decades. The United Nations has created the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is implicitly designed to refer to pedophobia (and/or rather to Mysiopedia?) promoting intergenerational equity between children and adults.

The influence of the fear of children in American popular culture has been examined by critics of the media, who have identified the effects of pedophobia in both Disney and horror films. A large number of authors and scholars have suggested that the popular and modern fear of children is actually evident from the media corporation and its complicity with a range of political and economic interests.

Pedophobia is a recurring fear in those who suffer from it. And also, people who suffer from this fear sometimes feel misunderstood by others.