It refers to an erotic excitement or sexual infatuation towards the dolls, leading a life of love relationship with them and achieving a pleasurable orgasm that in conditions that would be more normal it cannot. People dependent on an inanimate object or toy to feel love, desire, intercourse, masturbation, orgasm. This act is performed with dolls specially designed for this, whether they are inflatable, rubber, silicone, or another object created for this purpose.

It is related to childhood and in a way to idealize women, their female figure as such, in a way that in reality can never be conceived, repressing a denied inability to be able to relate to human beings, in this case with women, the inability to live a normal life as a couple. It is an obsession related to personality disorder, which becomes serious in its entirety, since the individual cannot conceive of a normal life without his beloved dolls. The industry has taken over this area creating dolls with an exactness to a real woman, simulating the texture of human skin, this is also seen in sex toys such as penis or vagina, having an exaggerated market of sales and variety of consumers.

This pathology is seen more in men than in women, who having one or more dolls dedicate their lives to them, ranging from different sizes, race, from girls to exuberant women and humanizing them; even more giving them the characteristics to the taste of the buyer such as the size of the bust, hair color, eyes, teeth and the depth and size of the vagina.

Becoming an ideal partner for the man unable to face real feelings and the normal life of an adult, moving away from the real world becoming an obsession aggravated by the only way to feel sexual pleasure, getting married and leading a married life with her dolls; act that is allowed in some parts of the world, the dark side of the human psyche has a wide variety of experiences and since everyone has the right to exercise their sexuality as they see fit, in pedophilia the main symptoms are isolation, the suffering due to the rejection of women, low self-esteem, the inability to feel pleasure with real women, or it is simply a pleasure and a life decision and to openly take sex in their own way.