This term whose meaning is “doctor of children” derives from two Greek words, which are “country” What does “child” mean? “jatros” which means “learned” It is a branch of medicine, which is responsible for health care and diseases in children and adolescents from the time they are born until they are 18 years old. It can be said that this specialty is in theory quite new, since it was not until the middle of the 19th century that it was considered a medical specialty.

In ancient times this branch of medicine did not exist, since at that time the health care of children was the responsibility of the representatives of the infants, later in the Renaissance period the diseases that children suffered acquired such importance that they became considered the study of them as a specialty of medicine and it was not until the mid-nineteenth century that it became a science accepted by the doctors of the time. Countries like France and Germany were the forerunners in the evolution of services and knowledge that are the basis of pediatrics today, in Europe and America hospitals dedicated solely and exclusively to treating diseases in children did not take long to spread, later in all The world created this type of institutions.

It is important to point out that within this science, there are other subcategories, such is the case of pediatric dentistry, which focuses on the study and care of the teeth and mouths of infants. Another branch of pediatrics is Hebiatrics whose specialty is the care, prevention and treatment of diseases in adolescents, it also deals with psychological and social problems that adolescents may present during puberty.

Pediatricians are responsible for treating different health conditions in children and adolescents, among the main ones are infections, congenital diseases, cancer, both physical and psychological damage, among others.

The main goal of pediatrics as a branch of health is the decrease in the death rate in children, as well as the control of those diseases that are infectious, in order to provide infants with a long and disease-free life.