Payment postponed

A deferred payment is one that is made after the moment of the purchase and sale relationship. A certain time is established for the cancellation of the money or that has been offered. We know it in society as credit, when we acquire a product or service and do not pay immediately, a deferred payment is generated that is worth the redundancy, it must be paid within the period established between the seller and the buyer. There are several types of deferred payment, most of them differ in the way or reason in which they are canceled.

In a purchase and sale relationship, there are two fundamental parties, the debtor, who pays for the product or service that the creditor offers or offers. In the middle of this relationship is the legal norm, which establishes that the debtor pays and the creditor delivers what corresponds to the value collected or leased. Although this rule is not relaxed, there are “Facilities” that create a different type of business, in which payment is not made automatically but after the date of enjoyment of the product or service.

This market has two basic advantages, one for each of the parties, on the part of the debtor, it is favorable because it facilitates payment, which can be in installments or in installments, allowing the buyer to enjoy without having the value of it at the time, in addition , if what the debtor obtains with a deferred payment cannot be paid at once because he does not earn enough money, this will be the ideal way to obtain what he wants.

For the seller, it supposes an additional credit, a portfolio that, if positive, will generate more income as there are more credit clients, because the seller or carrier of the service earns an extra figure for the loan he makes, called “Interest”, the which is an amount that accumulates for the time that the buyer has been with the product or service without canceling, for each interval of time without paying, plus interest corresponds to the creditor. If the customer pays on time, the seller still wins, because he maintains his credit history and good relationship with his counterparty.