passive worker

The role or role of the passive worker some people believe it degrading since; As such, this individual is considered a person who, for some reason, is not fit to perform his or her job normally. On the other hand, the activities that a passive worker can carry out are minimal and therefore the work schedule becomes very tedious and lacking in creativity or challenges.

They are considered one of the main causes that turns an active worker into a passive one that has to do with health conditions, mainly the lack of ability to perform certain tasks, as well as the increasingly common work stress that causes anguish, depression, bodily alterations and that, by medical recommendation, you cannot continue with your usual task.

In Barcelona, ​​​​Spain, a passive worker refers to the person who provided services to the company, and fulfilled the time of service in accordance with the law, for which he becomes retired. For the Spanish this is considered a passive employee.

In other cases, the passive worker may have become a passive worker in retaliation for superior positions or for having made a mistake that takes away the option of continuing to work in his position but does not recognize him as a terminated worker.

This last option is undoubtedly negative, since it is a way in which a company can not take responsibility for the dismissal of a worker at the same time that it places him in a denigrating space or condition.