Participation is a term whose etymological origin is derived from the Latin “participation” which is formed by the prefix “Paris or Parti” What does it mean “Part or Portion”, the verb “capere” What is it “Take or Grab” and finally the suffix “Uncle” which corresponds to (action and effect). Which leads to interpreting it as the action and effect of taking part in something, or of involving someone else in something, which means, news or information about some event.

The participation of people in events or social programs is determined by the availability or possibility of participating in them. Example: a person wants to participate as an audience in a play, but if he does not have money to pay the ticket, he is unable to participate in the event. The participants of a business meeting have the task of contributing something to the subject that summons them.

Citizen participation is a type of relationship that the human being in society must carry out to guarantee the good relationship that stimulates the growth of people in the political and cultural sphere. Cultural manifestations are a good example of citizen participation, because this type of knowledge feeds the cultural, ethnic and religious roots that lead to custom, therefore to a system of harmony and rules among those who inhabit a space.

Citizen participation in the political environment can occur in two ways, representing a party and aspiring for a political position to participate in decision-making, or exercising the right to vote or suffrage as it is known.

In many organizations the participation of individuals depends on a series of rules or conditions. To participate in a competition, in addition to complying with the requirements and precautions demanded by the institution, you must carry out your purpose, which is to win or have the title that is conferred on whoever reaches the finish line. When you participate in a negotiation you must invest, contribute a part of the capital that must be used to obtain a common fruit that will be divided among the parties that have decided to participate.