It refers to the psychological phenomenon of finding images, figures and faces, perceiving familiar forms where there are none, being a very common game among children and adults where they spend time looking for figures in the clouds or in something as common and everyday as simple shadows. of a room. It is a psychological condition that occurs in the brain itself that, as in a time-saver phase, makes some kind of prediction about what it sees by searching a database for known forms already in memory. It is also related to religious experiences in which perception is what predominates, which does not make it a pathological condition or related to any disease. In psychological tests, images and figures are used as evaluations and tests.

Life is full of a great variety of examples such as observing the clouds and finding an elephant or a flying UFO, faces of artists in the mountains or a rock, or playing at seeing faces in vehicles or electrical appliances and the most involved of Greater pleasure and acceptance is to be able to see ghostly figures or any other paranormal phenomenon. We find them famous as the shadows of the planet Mars, known as the face of Tuesday since it gives you the sight of a human face or face, and the eternal companion of lovers, the Moon, which is a favorite pastime of many to observe the same one, which goes from seeing a face with eyes and a mouth to a bunny with ears standing up in the center of it; being so fascinating to look for figures that even Google has created a program called Google Face where its only and important mission is to find similarities in the images of its other Google Maps program of human faces, for an indeterminate period of time, an investigation that will happen in the next few months examining the planet earth from different angles, with some results that have already been thrown up like a face in Russia, an ugly hairy nose in England and in the mountains of Alaska a creature that is more than scary but unpleasant.