The Parabola is a geometric figure that has the shape of a conic section, which results from cutting a cone with a round tip into small differentials, it can also be characterized as the geometric place of the points that are equidistant from a straight line (axis) and a fixed point (focus) dice. The parabola appears in many branches of applied science, because the graphs of quadratic equations are parabolas. For example, the trajectory of falling bodies under the influence of gravity. Equation is: (x) = ax²+ bx + c, but geometrically there are more equations to denote it from other points of view.

The equations are the following:

When the parabola opens towards the horizontal axes:
Directive equation: x=hp
Symmetry axis equation: y=k
Eq. straight side /4p/
Canonical equation of the parabola (yk)2=4p(xh)
Where h, k is the vertex and p is the difference between the abscissa (x coordinate) of the focus point and the abscissa of the vertex point.

When the parabola opens towards the vertical axes:
Directive equation: y=kp
Symmetry axis equation: x=h
Eq. straight side: /4p/
Canonical equation of the parabola: (xh)2=4p(yk)

In the field of literature, a parable is a story that is not real, based on a story whose content is purely fiction but that provides morals and teachings for good morals to those who read it. Parables, so to speak, are a subjective tool, useful to make you understand the importance of ethics and morals. The parables are designed with elements that do not have a human character, because they are for educational purposes, the parables are commonly used in early childhood education, so it is common to formulate stories with animals, plants, and any stereotype that does not have a human personality, This helps to stimulate the child’s feelings together with fantasy, promoting a good education.

The largest compendium of parables is found in the Bible, which, despite being supernatural stories, the church affirms and defends as true, however there is no verifiable evidence to confirm the veracity of such stories.