The Republic of Panama is a country, located in Central America, its capital is Panama City. This country is internationally recognized as it is home to the Panama Canal, a structure that facilitates communication between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, significantly influencing world trade.

Panama has a population that exceeds 4,000,000 million inhabitants, where the majority of its population are descendants of the natives of the region and of the Spanish, that is to say that the majority of the natives of Panama are mestizos, followed by by blacks, Asians and Europeans.

Thanks to its tropical climate, Panama represents a paradise for everyone who visits it and wants to get away from the cold climates. Due to its geographical location, this nation has always aroused a special interest on the part of foreign powers, who seek to exercise control of this geographical region, in order to dominate trade and the transit of ships from one place to another.

Panama is a democratic state, whose territory is divided into provinces, its beaches are very attractive to tourists, the most important are: Isla Grande beach, Veracruz beach, Santa Catalina beach, among others.

Regarding its gastronomy, Panama is characterized by the high consumption of rice in its different forms and preparations. Among the dishes prepared with rice and that are very popular are: Tico rice with chicken, with seafood, green rice, rice with chorizo, etc.

The traditional dishes of Panama are: gallo pinto (dish based on rice and beans), seafood guacho (combination of soup, rice and seafood), sweaty chicken (mixture of vegetables with chicken juice.

In the same way, they are very fond of soup, especially “sancochos”. Tubers and roots are also part of the Panamanian menu, predominantly cassava, potatoes, yams and ñampi. Some of the traditional desserts are milk eggs, Panamanian sigh, bienmesabe, melcocha, among others.

Panama is one of the most privileged countries in terms of growth and development in Latin America, it is listed as the nation with the highest economic growth in Latin America.