Ozone is a gas that is found naturally in the environment. It is made up of three oxygen atoms. It is characterized by its bluish color and acrid odour, in large concentrations it can be toxic. Ozone is produced in the atmosphere, due to the effects of radiation on oxygen atoms, there it is distributed among its layers, giving rise to what is known as the ozone layer.

One of the functions of ozone is to serve as a protective layer against ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun, since it is capable of attracting a large amount of these radiations, preventing them from reaching the earth.

As has been said, this gas is found naturally in the atmosphere, in small proportions, especially after major storms. May cause eye and respiratory tract irritation if inhaled in large quantities.

Atmospheric ozone can be harmful to man if he is exposed to it in large proportions. The recommended limit for ozone exposure is 0.2 ml per cubic meter, and depending on this, it can cause different effects on the body. Some of the effects can be inflammation in the bronchial tubes and lungs, irritation in the skin, in the eyes.

However, ozone has certain therapeutic properties that allow the application of a technique for medicinal purposes called ozone therapy. This is an alternative medical treatment that consists of saturating the body with oxygen through the insufflation of a mixture of oxygen and ozone into the body through different routes. This treatment is used to be applied in the following diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, herniated disc, liver cirrhosis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, migraines, optic neuropathy, burns and wound healing, herpetic ulcers, among others.

Ozone can also be produced artificially through an ozone generator. Its use is of an industrial nature as a pioneer in the synthesis of certain organic compounds, but basically as a purifying disinfectant for mineral waters. The first time that ozone was used as a water disinfectant was in 1893 and from then on it gained popularity, so much so that it is currently widely used in industry and by individuals. Here are some benefits that ozone brings to water: It does not leave residues, removes flavors and odors from the water, does not affect the pH, does not stain the water.