It is a type of bird, which belongs to the order of birds of prey of the “Strigidae” family, usually the term owl is used to define a species that is characterized by having ear-shaped feathers, an element that unlike owls, while their ears can be located on the sides of the head, but without a doubt what stands out most about these birds is their vision, which, in decency of others, can only look forward, which is why it has the ability to turn the head more than 270 degrees. The owl is by nature a nocturnal animal, therefore they usually sleep during the day and the rest of their activities such as hunting at night.

Regarding its symbolism, the owl is considered as the representation of wisdom, in addition to this it is not very common to observe them often, which may be related to their way of life, which is almost exclusively nocturnal, in addition to This animal has a characteristic sound which can be heard at night. On the other hand, its tonality can vary depending on the region where it is found, but in general it tends to camouflage very well with the environment where it is located, making it much more complicated to observe them.

The owl is recognized because they adapt very well to their biome, which is why they can live in different types of environments without being greatly affected, but in general, the most common areas where they are found in the forests, in addition to them they usually delimit the area where they settle in order to mark the territory, there are species that can also be located in jungles.

There is a mistaken belief that these animals only live in trees, however it has been shown through research that they can live in dens located underground, also on top of stables and even in abandoned places such as houses, buildings, etc. , what is well known is that they are experts in locating good places to take refuge.