The word ostentation serves to define the attitude assumed by some people to show off their qualities or material goods that they have and show publicly and openly. As for the qualities, the person can show a gifted intelligence, a great figure, etc. While regarding the material part, the person can show off a luxury car, jewelry, money, etc.

It can be said then that those who like to show off are influenced by materialism and consumerism. This attitude is usually seen in a negative way by others, causing a certain rejection towards those who have the habit of showing off what they have.

The individual who always spends his time showing off what he has, only tries to seek the admiration of others, without knowing that with this behavior he will also arouse envy, an unhealthy feeling that people experience when they want what they do not have and that another has. .

The only way to stop this behavior is trying to use common sense, and being very prudent, since true happiness is not found in possessions, since happiness can be found in the smallest things in daily life.

In the educational aspect, for example, a young person can show off his grades, his recently obtained title, his recognitions, etc. However, he must also have humility to recognize the achievements of others, in this way he will be acting with balance and without making his colleagues feel bad.