Orphan is the name given to individuals whose parents have died or abandoned them, leaving them with few options to maintain a stable life. Even though they are in the care of the remaining family members, they would still be considered orphans. In cinematography, it is called an orphan film, which has been abandoned by its producer, owner or person in charge, usually because they have no commercial potential. Orphan drugs, on the other hand, are those treatments that cannot yet be marketed to the general public, and that are only used by, according to statistics from the European Union, 5 out of every 10,000 patients.

Orphaned children, on some occasions can be cared for and cared for in orphanages, public or religious institutions, where they are fed and educated for free, in addition to being approached by couples who wish to adopt a small child. . It is estimated that there are around 34,294 orphaned children in Africa, 65,504 in Asia and 8,166 in Latin America and the Caribbean. Most of the children suffer from deplorable living conditions and subjected to the dangers of life on the streets. In Russia, there is a law that prohibits American families from adopting Russian orphans; This was born in response to a law imposed by the North American nation, which prevents those related to the murder of Sergei Magnitski from entering the country.

Other meanings of the word can be found in typography, where they are called widowed or orphaned paragraphs, those found on a page other than the full text, leaving the context aside. However, some word processors include certain tools to edit this, adjusting the size and shape of the font, as well as the margins of the page.