This word comes from the verb to orient, which has its origin in the Latin “oriri” whose meaning is “to be born”. The word orient is derived from the east and it is there where the sun is born, it turns out that when there was no technology, people were oriented according to the position of the sun, which rises every morning from the east (which is also called the east) and opposed by the west, and thus the location of someone or something could be more or less determined at a given time and place.

Orientation refers to the action of locating in a given place or geographical space and time, being able to simultaneously recognize these two variables, in addition to indicating the position of a thing and serving as a guide to be able to place an individual towards a address that he does not know, especially when he is lost in a place that is foreign to him.

Going through the period of childhood and adolescence, it is necessary that the adults around them, both their parents and their teachers, guide in the best possible way the path that each of these individuals must take, for example in their academic education. or school it is important that people feel guided and advised on which path they should take, taking into account that they are choosing their future profession, it is not about deciding for them, but rather about helping them to be independent with their own selection criteria, but that they do it correctly.

There are cabinets of people whose function is to guide other people in different aspects of life, for example there is job orientation, where the subject who is requesting help is analyzed to know what their preferences are and thus be able to indicate what the field in the one that according to their skills and abilities will be able to perform. There is also legal guidance, in which legal advice is provided to people who require it, this type of guidance is given by lawyers. On the other hand, there is also guidance on the consumption of healthy foods, budget guidance which is like a guide not to waste money, first aid guidance to know how to act in a medical emergency, among others.