Organization chart

An organization chart is a graphic representation that describes in a hierarchical order the organization of an institution, company, or group of people who have an assigned task and that this task is supervised and controlled by a superior. In managerial terms, the various administrative levels or departments make up the elements of an organization chart.

The organization charts work based on the hierarchical order, which constitutes a platform where there is a main boss, the one who receives and authorizes everything that is managed in the ramifications of an organization chart, each level as it goes down represents a lower position than the previous one, They can be divided into entire sectors or departments in order to make specific assignments to a group of people who work in that space. The representation of an organizational chart is varied, it can be done in the form of a tree, from the upper part branches are released in which the other fields that are accountable to the peak of that “tree” are found, another way is radially, from the center of the structure arises the command and from there derive the other sets and dependencies. The Escalar structure indicates the different hierarchical levels with different indentations on the left margin, with the help of lines that indicate said margins.

It is essential in an organization under the theme previously exposed, the elaboration of a graphic structure of this type, the organization charts represent clear and precise points of functionality, hierarchy and respect of each one for their work or assignment in the institution.