operating room

Operating room is the term used to describe a kind of room or room found in sanatoriums, hospitals or other medical care centers and that is specially adapted to carry out surgical operations on people who require it. Similarly, in the operating room, various related activities can be carried out, such as: the administration of anesthesia, resuscitation procedures, etc. to later be able to carry out the surgery successfully. Previously this word was only applied to those rooms that were designed with glass which allowed to observe the surgical interventions that were performed there, however with the passage of time the term was applied to any space where various surgeries are performed.

With regard to the requirements and minimum conditions that an operating room must have in order to satisfactorily fulfill its objective, the following stand out among the most important parameters: it must be a closed space; it must be located in an independent place with respect to the rest of the medical center, however, it must always be adjacent to those sensitive areas, such as the case of emergency rooms, the blood bank, the laboratories for clinical analysis, pharmacies among others. On the other hand, in terms of the movement of people, it must be restricted, that is, it must only allow access to the patient in question, to the interdisciplinary team that is usually part of a surgery: among them are the surgeons, radiologist, anesthetist, gastroenterologist, operating room nurse, nursing assistant, stretcher, instrument operator, among others;

Due to the relevance of the work that is carried out in the operating rooms, it is very important that these spaces have a series of minimum care in terms of hygiene and safety, all with the aim of maintaining the health of the patients who are operated. surgically. For this reason, those professionals who provide services in a hospital or any health center must keep in mind a series of rules which must be followed so that everything is done correctly:

  • In the first place, the operating room must have signs to indicate that it is an operating room and that, therefore, access to unauthorized personnel is prohibited.
  • As for the walls, they must be smooth so that it is much easier to clean them.
  • The climate or environment that must exist inside the operating rooms, in order to avoid bacteria, must range between 21º and a relative humidity of 50%.