An opening to a cavity or crack in a certain surface is understood but does not cause the separation of said structure, in addition, they can affect a series of materials, especially solids, generally the openings are caused by external agents, either natural phenomena or a simple blow that can generate openings in walls, ceilings or floors. The word opening comes from the verb open. In the musical field, the opening is used to refer to how the organs in charge of the music of the moment open and expand.

There are openings that are generated with intention, that is, that arise from the need that something that is closed must now have a hole. For example when a hole is made in the wall to pass a cable. In the architectural context, the term opening is used to refer to the gaps that must be left in the walls so that light or air enters, which is known colloquially as doors and windows, that is, the openings made before to place them.

On the other hand, in phonetics the word opening is also implemented and it is to refer to that word that the organs that deal with phonation need to have more openness to emit them, this is the case of the letter A where its sound needs a greater effort and therefore a wide opening with respect to the vowel I.

There is a lot of confusion sometimes with the term opening and opening, the differences of each and when to use them will be established below.

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) the two words opening and opening refer to the action of opening something, there are certain differences that must be considered. To speak of openness, it is used when there is an attitude towards a certain situation, for example: openness towards sexual diversity or the action of starting your own business. While opening is to refer to when there is a gap or fissure produced and it is permanent, for example, a space between two mountains or the opening of a window.

There are many contradictions that these terms generate to the point that there are dictionaries of great relevance, that for optics, the aperture is the diameter of the lens that establishes the angle through which the light will pass when an image is focused, given this we have that in this case the word opening could also be used.