The olive tree is a tree that can reach 12 meters in height, it generally has a fairly wide crown and a wide trunk, the bark usually has a large number of fissures and has a grayish hue, its leaves can range between 3 and 8 centimeters with a dark green hue, for its part, the flowering of this tree is hermaphrodite, the fruit it produces is known as an olive, which is a fruit with a very good flavor, oval in shape, green in color in its initial stage and takes on a black when it reaches its final stage of development, this fruit is generally used for the production of oils, as well as being used as an ingredient for a wide variety of foods.

This tree is native to the regions adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, specifically in the Iberian Peninsula, despite the fact that the olive tree is apparently a very strong tree, it requires the intervention of a large number of climatic elements that make it very unlikely Its cultivation in other areas with a different climate, despite having a great resistance to cold, is very susceptible in climates where temperatures can drop more than -10 degrees, in the same way it happens with very hot climates, especially when the plant is is in bloom.

Its flowers are called plot or rapa and are generally grouped in groups of more than 30 flowers, they have a pale green color, they are very sensitive to changes in weather conditions, an example of this is when the water supply is reduced or when the required nutrients decrease, this can cause the number of flowers to decrease considerably due to inflorescence.

The fruit of the olive tree is commonly known as olive, it is also known as olive in some regions of Spain. The olive is made up of several structures, the stem, the skin, the flesh, the bone and the seed. As it develops, it can have various shades of color, starting from a very strong green in its initial stage, then it it turns a little yellow, then purple spots appear and with the passage of time it will take on its entire purple hue, until finally reaching its point of maximum development where it acquires a black color.