Oligarchy is defined as a style of government in which the laws and the mandate are implemented by a small group of people belonging to the same social class, whether high or low, generally they are people who manage a high percentage of money, Thus, government power is inherited from generation to generation according to the lineage and surname that these people possess, this type of government is applied at will to cover the individual interests of each ruler without popular consent. Generally, those who exercise this political methodology are entrepreneurs with money or wealthy, in search of the protection of their interests or the acquisition of new assets.

This political technique is very old, specifically it was described by Aristotle (384 BC) as an evil and impure form of government, also delimiting that the oligarchy was the preferred method of politics for the rich and high society to govern for their own benefit. However, according to the similarity of the concepts, plutocracy tends to be confused with oligarchy, in both situations the popular or people’s interest is totally omitted, but to be an oligarch it is not mandatory to have a substantial sum of money, in change for the plutocracy yes.

In general terms, the oligarchy is described as an antonym of democracy, since the power and important decisions for the day to day of a region are in the hands of a small group of people, without listening to the opinions of the people themselves and without the probability that they exercise a vote to elect their rulers.

If a brief description of a perfectly oligarchic candidate is made, aspects such as a person without morals or governmental ethics would be mentioned, who would go to the lowest limits to achieve his own good either through violence against the people or corruption, considering the right to mandate as one’s own acquired at birth. Underdeveloped countries that have experienced the rule of the oligarchy, use the name “oligarch” as an insult to their rulers, this is issued with a characteristic force of frustration for having stolen their comforts or freedoms.