An Oenophile is that person who likes wine so much that his experience with it leads him to become a fanatic and extreme connoisseur in the matter. As is well known, wine is a product obtained from a complex ancient procedure in which the juice of the fruit of the vine, the grape, is treated. This process has been perfected over time, and not only that, but also the different ways of making it and the diversity of the fruits that have made winemaking a complex and admirable art.

An Oenophile can be considered a person who attends tasting events, in which the different types and species of wine from a region are tasted. The Oenophile is able to recognize a wine by its flavor and establish where it comes from, what the fruit is like and the way in which it is treated, measure the way in which it should be drunk. The most renowned restaurants in the world hire this type of people with such knowledge, to develop a complete wine list that is properly combined with the type of food served.

An oenophile studies the history of wines, knows exactly the date and place of manufacture of a wine, knows its value and the history of the company that makes the product. His hobby also allows him to know how to be a renowned culinary character. His taste for wine will always be a complex element in his life.