The word “odyssey” can refer to a long journey, in which great adventures and some adversities are experienced; In addition, one can speak of the hardships that surround a certain situation, which make it difficult for a person to complete the realization of it. Similarly, you can talk about “The Odyssey”, an epic poem written by Homer, composed around the 8th century BC; It narrates Odysseus’ (Ulysses, in Latin) journey home after the Trojan War ended. The Odyssey, a 1997 American film, is based on the epic poem; It was broadcast on May 18 of that same year and earned some Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

The story of The Odyssey centers on Odysseus, a man who, after fighting for 10 years in the Trojan War, returns to Ithaca, his hometown, where he held the title of King. In that city, meanwhile, the son of Odysseus Telemachus and his wife, Penelope, deal with the latter’s suitors. The return journey (which would last another 10 years), would be plagued by adversities, which the protagonist will solve with the intelligence and skills granted by Athena.

Part of The Odyssey, according to experts, was written around the 8th century BC, being completed in the 7th century BC, with the use of short poems describing the action in the story. Along with the Iliad, it is currently considered one of the main and most important writings of universal literature; also defining the thinking of the classical era. It is said that, originally, this was recited by aedos or poets, who, unconsciously, altered the content; with the creation of the alphabet it was one of the first works to be transcribed, in the so-called Homeric dialect. It consists of 24 songs and, over the years, has been adapted for television series and plays.