It is an object without a point, a being that does not understand, that is of a mind closed to reasoning. We speak of an obtuse angle when said angle is about 90 degrees but does not exceed 180 degrees in length, that is, it does not become a right angle or a flat angle but remains between the two, it is related to mathematics and geometry. It is said that a person can be obtuse when they are unable to grasp the rules, that they have little mental ability or that they can become inflexible.

These people become archaic and straight in their thinking and do not accept any other thought than theirs, posing in an integral behavior in what they believe and that many times they can come to understand but without accepting, opposing it, an evolution of thoughts that are mostly of a religious or modern nature, although it is not the correct way of seeing things in the same way, they are wrong, having a short perception of themselves, as knowing in their own criteria and do not give way to others, believing themselves that in his concept of knowledge he is the best and most accurate than the others, this being a basis for ignorance about the subject in question and little knowledge of it, since in many cases they are ineffective in recognizing their few abilities and skills in something, making the deal impossible, their state of consciousness being inevitable, going from being incompatible with others and being able to seem like children in their stubbornness.

The origin of the word comes from the Latin Obtusus, alluding to not having a point or blunt, to dull, this word is used in a figurative sense since in its exact translation it is something like pointless, from the Latin “Obtundere” hence the most appropriate use. in mathematics or geometry, making references to objects that do not have points or do not have them; either because they are like that or due to wear and tear they lost it, deteriorating the quality of the object or thus losing its usefulness for such cases they are required.