It is an adjective that refers to all obsolete objects, that is, they have fallen into disuse and are ineffective against later ones, their use is not limited only to the field of technology.

A palpable example are the typewriters that have become an obsolete object in the 21st century. These devices were very popular only a few decades ago, since there was no more convenient way to speed up the writing process and create texts readable by all people. However, after the invention of personal computers, the typewriter began to lose popularity.

We must take into account when we refer to a product that is obsolete; it is one that is out of use as a result of its replacement by a more efficient, precise and agile one, but not because of its malfunction. It arises, with electrical devices that constantly launch superior models with new technology and new performances in their functions, managing to overcome the previous ones, a phenomenon known as obsolescence.

It can be said that the main cause of obsolescence is purely economic, since the manufacture of spare parts is expensive, or due to the scarcity of parts that allow their production, etc. But also due to the discovery of new products due to the hard work of research and development that allows designing and producing improved, more attractive products, with functions superior to the previous ones, inducing the consumer to acquire new products with new versions even though their previous equipment continue to operate.

It is important to note that obsolescence (the quality of the obsolete) does not arise due to the malfunction of an object, but because its performance is insufficient compared to new technologies. This means that a computer can be modern and malfunction, while a typewriter can be old, obsolete and function perfectly.

Artifacts become obsolete for different reasons. This may be an economic decision by manufacturers, who stop producing spare parts and components to force consumers to buy new products. The development of these products, on the other hand, is due to the advancement of scientific research.