Objectivity is a term used to refer to the quality of an object, that is to say, the issuance of a comment that is itself subject to the object or topic that is being discussed, regardless of the sensitivity or affinity that the person who comments has, This should be limited to only indicating the observable characteristics that said object possesses; According to this description, objectivity is nothing more than the extent to which a subject can give his point of view of something or someone, detached from the feelings he has, this is very applied in lines of professions where a I deal very closely with the public, such as: medicine or psychology.

According to the subject or object studied, objectivity can be described different types of them:

  1. Ontological: it is characterized by what is the proper quality of an object, that is, what makes up that analyzed object; what should be understood as what really constitutes what is being studied, then separating the cognitive side of the subject who is executing the analysis. That is to say, it will describe the object in a “real” way, being totally contrary to what the fictitious appearance or the illusion that can be captured by the observer can limit, being then a purely mental study leaving the spiritual outside.
  2. Epistemic: This description depends directly on the conceptualization of the object, this sense is widely applied in the area of ​​science; However, epistemic objectivity should not be treated as a synonym for the truth in terms of the hypothesis formulated, but rather as a confidence that is possessed in the knowledge that they possess in themselves, to give a theory as valid without the intention of existing mistakes in what was said.
  3. Ethical: this type of objectivity is directly linked to moral and epistemic values, it is formed from neutral, impartial and of course totally impersonal theories; a distancing from the individual is created to totally exclude the subjective view of the situation (eg: a mother cannot teach her child in any academic setting).