Obfuscation refers to the inability to think or reason clearly, to have impaired judgment or confused ideas. The anger or shock a person experiences in a given situation. Therefore, obfuscation is the situation of distortion of understanding, it could be said that it is a mental disorder of a temporary nature.
Obfuscation is also the name given to a vision disorder caused by something that makes it difficult to see, such as smoke or a reflection.

Anger is a feeling of great intensity. The individual dominated by anger has an impulse that is difficult to control. What produces this reaction affects his reasoning and he cannot calm down because he is dominated by an obsession. His emotional turmoil has the typical characteristics of obfuscation.

In a situation of passionate and intense love, it is not easy to think calmly. Psychologists and poets have described love as a form of mental alienation. In fact, passionate love is known as blind love, in the sense that reality is ignored and lived in a state of obtundation. If the love is not reciprocal, the shame can be even greater, reaching extreme situations (not being hungry, deep depression or doing something crazy before the despair you feel). The fascination of love is therefore a clear manifestation of obfuscation.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a serious mental illness. The sufferer has an uncontrolled and obsessive inclination towards something. It can manifest in the form of mental rituals, repetitive actions, aggressive ideas, unjustified fears, and other similar patterns. This disorder is also a form of obfuscation, as the affected person is deeply disturbed in their understanding.

Obfuscation, on the other hand, can be something that obscures a thought or message, making it difficult to understand. This meaning is common in the field of computing, with reference to a modification that is developed in the source code of some software to make it more difficult to read.

By seeking to obfuscate code, the goal is to hinder engineers from interpreting it. Therefore, it is difficult to access the original code after an obfuscation process.