An obelisk is a column with a square base, which narrows as it rises, until it reaches the end that is crowned with a small pyramid called a pyramid, which in its origins was always made of gold or bronze, to reflect the rays of the Sun, since, originally, the obelisks were related to the cult of the god associated with our star.

The origin and meaning of obelisks can be traced back to the Egyptian culture, where they began to be used. At that time, the sides of the monument were carved with hieroglyphics indicating which Pharaoh had erected it, what was the name of the god to whom it was dedicated, and what was the military or political event for which it was erected. Thus, it is believed that the obelisks arise in the fifth Egyptian dynasty, approximately 2494 BC. To 345 BC And it was raised for the purpose of worshiping primarily Amun Ra, Baal, Nimrod, and the various deities that, over time, have been associated with the star king.

On the other hand, obelisks are also clearly sexual symbols, since the phallus, the male reproductive organ, was also recognized (like the Sun) as a symbol of life and therefore a symbol of the Sun God himself. Today, this is the most generalized and shared meaning when analyzing its symbolism, and it is understood that, wherever there is an obelisk, it is synonymous with strength, sexual energy and masculine power.

However, apart from symbolism, the use of obelisks today, in the architecture of our cities, is due to other reasons, overlapping and perhaps complementary to pagan symbolism and the worship by our elites of the same deities of thousands of years, but with many more Due to its shape and operation, an obelisk is basically a capture and emission tower, an antenna, which can concentrate enormous amounts of energy from its base and emit it from its point to some other place around it. This is the use that is given today, or given, by those who have planned the great cities of the planet, through the knowledge of sacred geometry and / or simply paying attention to those who, from other levels of power, And where to put concrete architectural forms.