OAS stands for the Organization of American States. The OAS is an institution in which the American countries constantly participate in meetings and assemblies in order to collaborate and reach cooperation agreements between the countries involved.

This is one of the main world-renowned institutions that involves countries in a single objective, to promote policies that defend human rights, work and strengthen the bonds of friendship that integrate America into one. The Organization of American States promotes the development of measures and plans with which support is provided in social aspects to the member regions that request it. There are countries with an extreme friendship in which the integration agreements are larger and of better quality, all these agreements are intended to boost economies and also cultures.

The OAS declaration contemplates in its declaration that it will work tirelessly to strengthen the ties between the countries that make up the Americas. The strengthening of peace, security, democracy, the promotion of human rights, both of majorities and minorities, also employs measures for the development of regions whose capacities are being limited, victims of abuses by their governments. The OAS sends coordinated and surprise visits to the countries to monitor the proper functioning of the doctrines and respect for the established laws.

The OAS has its official headquarters in the United States, in Washington DC, a beautiful building surrounded by the flags of the countries that make it up, but each country has its own office which is closely related to the headquarters.