Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistant is the name given to the person, with prior knowledge and education in the field, who serves as an assistant to certified nursing staff, in addition to physicians. This, in addition to his main task, would be in charge of administrative tasks, that is, planning and organizing each one of the aspects that surround his work, researchers, in case any professional has doubts about a certain diagnosis or medical condition, in addition to teacher, educating the community if necessary. In order for a person to be able to carry out these tasks, it is necessary that they complete an Intermediate Professional Training Cycle, which will end up generating the title of Auxiliary Nursing Care Technician (TCAE).

Among other tasks, the nursing assistants must attend to all the needs of the patients present, such as changing their bedding when it is dirty, as well as cleaning them and performing a general cleaning of the room. They must serve food and deliver it to each person, and feed patients who are unable to do so for themselves. The collection of data on patients and their progress or decline is one of the most important assignments, as well as the safeguarding of the materials used to cover wounds.

Persons in this role should have physical stamina, patience, and show empathy for those in dire medical condition. They can work in primary care centers or they can choose to be in private consultations. In recent years there has been a series of increase in the number of centers that offer jobs for nursing assistants.