This word is used to refer to the document in which the communicated resolution is recorded. For example: «I just received a notification from the company, in which they announced a reduction in salaries», «I never received a notification of the service cut», «When reading the notification that was on the table, Luisa burst into tears ».

This written document contains a notice or resolution for such; it’s called notification.

The term derives from the note, that is, from a writing with the necessary information on a specific topic; In Latin, the term mother is “noscere”, that is, to learn; the note is that means by which something is made known to someone. In the past, notes were especially concerned with the use of a specific medium, paper, but today you can also refer to them when referring to virtual media.

For its part in the notification of the judicial branch is an act of communication of a court or tribunal. This document must be delivered to the person or must be published through an edict so that the recipient knows the place, date and time in which he must appear to give a statement or intervene in a legal case.

In the field of computing, notifications appear related to alerts issued by certain programs or services to warn the user of something: “A notification from Microsoft reminded me that I should register my copy of Windows”, “Be careful with that page: it has appeared ». a notification warning about a possible virus infection«, »It has been a while since I joined this profile – I have five notifications from people who wanted to add me as a contact«.

It should be noted that the concept can normally be expressed through its synonyms, also of very recurrent use, such as: communication, notice, circular.

The competent authorities of a state in a given matter are responsible for extending and issuing notifications when necessary to inform someone of the resolution of an issue or also when a person requires an intervention or presence in a situation.