The word nodule comes from the Latin “nodŭlus”. Nodule is understood as the small group of cells, which could form in different organs and which are usually benign. it could be both an injury and a physiological functional structure. These slightly raised bumps are solid and can appear on or under the skin and can be more than half a centimeter wide.

In the field of medicine we can find different types of nodules. for example in the heart there are two nodules in the heart the atrioventricular node and the sinus node, these are responsible for controlling the passage of electricity that is produced in the heart from the aureoles to the ventricles and is of utmost importance for contraction and relationship of the heart so that it can pump blood to the rest of the body or organism. Another example is the nodule in the vocal cords are benign groupings that grow in both vocal cords due to the abuse of the voice, this occurs over time, the abuse of these leaves as a result a soft and inflamed tissue in each vocal cord; These can harden and become lesions called nodules and the more the voice is abused, these will harden and enlarge more. There is also the lymph node, which are small glands found in various areas of the body that help the body fight harmful foreign particles, these small bean-shaped organs accumulate cells that help fight infections and other diseases, they are commonly found in areas such as the groin, abdomen, under the armpit and neck.

In geology, a nodule is attributed to the round-shaped mineral mass that is located inside certain rocks and that is made of different matter than these.